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GIS Educational Resources

Blue Marble's expertise in the field of coordinate transformation has helped to establish the company's products as an integral part of the instructional process for academics teaching the fundamentals of mapping.

Both Blue Marble Desktop and Global Mapper are ideally suited to the classroom and teaching lab environments. Because they are both uncomplicated and are relatively easy to learn, students will spend more time utilizing the application of spatial technology for practical purposes instead of spending valuable classroom time learning how to use the tools.

To help customers get the most out of their Blue Marble product, application specialists began offering focused software training in 2004. Shortly afterward it became clear that many of these customers had a limited understanding of the fundamentals of coordinate systems, so the curriculum was expanded to include theoretical and applied geodesy. In the years since, this flagship training program has been taught to countless GIS specialists and novices throughout the world. Blue Marble training staff are available for both customized on-site, web-based, or classroom training covering everything from geodesy to Global Mapper.

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