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Blue Marble is now offering institutes of higher education in the U.S. and Canada free access to their renowned GIS and geodetic software, Global Mapper and the Geographic Calculator. Beginning on May 1, 2017, colleges and universities have an opportunity to deploy both applications for classroom teaching, hands-on lab instruction, and personal student use, at no cost.

Schools and colleges face a constant battle between providing the highest possible level of instruction and meeting inevitable budgetary constraints. With technology having become an integral part of virtually every field of study and the cost of purchasing and maintaining the requisite systems continually spiraling upward, many academic programs have had to be removed from the syllabus due insufficient funds.

Blue Marble recognizes the important role played by academia in preparing today's students for tomorrow's workplace. As the geospatial sector continues its rapid evolution, it is critical that graduates have the skills and knowhow to maintain this momentum. Blue Marble's investment in GIS programs through this generous licensing policy is motivated by a desire to ensure that instruction on the fundamentals of GIS is not curtailed for budgetary reasons and that GIS technology is accessible for all students.

Blue Marble's academic licensing program allows the use of Global Mapper and the Geographic Calculator for instructional use only. The software can be freely installed in a classroom or lab as well as on students' personal computers. Under the academic license, the use of the software for commercial or research purposes is strictly prohibited. For more information on other licensing options, contact us.

For more information on the Academic Lab Licensing Program, visit our FAQ page: Academic Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

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