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Low Cost GIS Software Solutions

Over the years, Blue Marble Geographics has placed a significant emphasis on offering products and services at a relatively low cost in order to maximize the customer's return on investment. The November, 2011 acquisition of Global Mapper, formerly based in Parker, Colorado, reaffirmed this commitment and consolidated the company's position as an affordable GIS solutions provider.

Global Mapper provides just the right level of spatial data processing capability at a fraction of the cost of traditional GIS products. Offering all of its functionality in a single-application eliminates the need for expensive plug-in or add-on features and means that the software is ready to address a wide variety of GIS challenges that may arise.

Obviously an assessment of cost must also consider the value it provides for the user. A low cost product can be a low value product if it doesn't improve your bottom line. Blue Marble products have a proven reputation for delivering the features and functions necessary to significantly streamline business workflow and to ultimately reduce the costs inherent in redundant practices.

To find out more about how Blue Marble products can save your company money or to learn about discounts for education or government users contact a sales representative at