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Coordinate Transformation Solutions

Coordinate reference support and accurate transformation is one of the most important elements of any functional GIS. Geospatial mapping must include an accurate representation of the earth in order to provide accurate scientific information for sound decision making. As evidenced in both the GeoCalc software developer toolkit and the Geographic Calculator, Blue Marble's coordinate transformation software is known worldwide as the standard for accuracy and reliability.

Not only does this technology provide intuitive interfaces for setting up complicated transformations, late binding datum transformations, direct connections to the OGP's EPSG registry, survey seismic formats, batch coordinate transformations and all types of file format translation, but the Geographic Calculator combined with the Blue Marble desktop allows GIS managers and Geodesists to manage, assign and control the coordinate transformation project work for all GIS users including those using ArcGIS. Additionally, the Geographic Calculator has geodetic tools for creating, defining and manipulating all manner of coordinate transformation objects and processing from time dependent transformations to engineering grid to globe work.

Geographic Calculator created with<br />the tools in <a href='/products/geocore.php'>GeoCore</a>
Geographic Calculator created with
the tools in GeoCore

Globe icon Geographic Calculator created with
the tools in GeoCore