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3D Terrain Analysis Solutions

3D or terrain analysis has recently emerged as one of the most important components of a GIS. The proliferation of LiDAR data is such that highly accurate data can be collected in a fraction of the time by today's hardware, overwhelming the ability of most software to process the data. Blue Marble tools are uniquely positioned and optimized to address many if not all of your 3D data challenges.

The Geographic Calculator is equipped with unmatched geoid or vertical datum support for coordinate transformation and has passed through rigorous testing with customers from leading survey equipment manufacturing companies. Many LiDAR data collection vendors and post-processing services and software firms use the Calculator, or GeoCalc SDK, to post process their LiDAR data to local geoids.

Global Mapper excels at loading and manipulating LiDAR data from a visualization and file format translation perspective. It supports all versions of .LAS, the industry standard specification for LiDAR data, including the .LAZ, the compressed format. LiDAR data can be loaded as a point cloud or Grid and converted to a digital elevation model, vector, or raster data depending on your needs.

Global Mapper also offers an array of terrain visualization and analysis tools including cut and fill volume calculation, view shed analysis, watershed delineation, and inundation modeling.