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Global Mapper SDK: Now available with cloud-based data management and manipulation using Amazon Web Services - Download Now

Purchase Global Mapper SDK

Purchasing the Global Mapper SDK (Software Developer Toolkit also known as an API) entitles one developer to work with the Global Mapper SDK to develop custom applications. An additional DLA (Distribution License Agreement) must be purchased for giving any other users access to the software whether internally or externally. Unlimited distribution licenses are available in most situations. Special licensing is available for use of the SDK in a server-side application that is accessed by users over a network or for internal products or projects.

The pricing for distribution will vary depending on how the software will be used in the product being distributed. A signed Distribution License Agreement is also required before distribution may occur. Please contact us at to discuss any potential projects which you'd like to use the software in and we can give you more specific pricing.

Blue Marble is pleased to offer the option of adding advanced LiDAR functionality to the Global Mapper SDK. The advanced LiDAR functionality is embedded in the standard SDK and is activated using an appropriate license file. As with the full version of Global Mapper, the SDK can also be activated on a trial basis by requesting a temporary license. For more information Click Here or contact a sales representative today!

Global Mapper SDK  v20.xx

Global Mapper SDK

Global Mapper LiDAR Module SDK

with Advanced LiDAR Functionality

Global Mapper DLA License

Commercial or limited internal deployment available

Refund Policy Statement
Legacy Version and Authorization Policy

Upon purchase of the SDK, instructions for downloading the SDK will be provided. Optionally, a CD containing the SDK can be mailed to the address provided during the order process. In addition, a single registration key file will be provided for the single DLA development license included with the SDK purchase.

When additional DLA development and/or distribution licenses are purchased, a separate registration key file (to be distributed with the DLA) will be provided for each additional license purchased.