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Global Mapper SDK: Now available with cloud-based data management and manipulation using Amazon Web Services - Download Now

Global Mapper SDK™ for AWS

The Global Mapper Software Developer Kit (SDK) is a powerful library that allows developers to extend Global Mapper's functionality to their own applications. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), developers can utilize Global Mapper's scripting language to provide a range of online data access, creation, editing, conversion, and distribution services for clients and customers through accessing an AWS hosted version of the SDK.

The introduction of the cloud-based SDK functionality streamlines workflow by eliminating the need to transfer large volumes of data to a local computer running the software and to upload the processed data for distribution. Making use of AWS, all of the data management and manipulation procedures can now be performed on cloud servers using Global Mapper scripts. These simple ASCII-based command and parameter files are easy to create and mirror most of the functionality that is available to users of the desktop software.

Global Mapper SDK for AWS Script Examples include:

  • Raster Reproject
  • This example shows how to send a file to the server using a 'put' call and then how to reproject that file. It also shows how one can simply use the Global Mapper Scripts to make processes with only needing to change a few options.
  • Single NDVI
  • This example shows how to use the script to do an NDVI calculation with one input file.
  • Multi NDVI
  • This example shows how to use the script to do an NDVI calculation with multiple input files.
  • Water Rise
  • This example shows how to use the script to specify the data to load from a given cloud folder.
  • LiDAR Classification
  • Another example of Global Mapper Script templates for LiDAR Classification.
  • Run Script
  • This allows the developer to input and edit the script in the browser to test more scripts that one might want to utilize.

The resulting files can subsequently be saved in a defined online location or even presented in another cloud hosted application. A prototype of this is seen in the recently released 4D Mapper Geospatial Data Management Platform on AWS ( where drone data collection can be shared with end user customers.

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