Tools and Features in Global Mapper Mobile Pro

For those needing more robust functionality in the application, Global Mapper Mobile now offers a Pro edition. Incorporating all of the capabilities of the base version, Global Mapper Mobile Pro expands and improves many of the standard tools and adds several new features and functions.

Extensive Preconfigured Online Data Sources

In addition to the Open Street Map data, Global Mapper Mobile Pro provides online access to numerous imagery, terrain, and topo-map datasets. The list of data sources includes most of the preconfigured services that are available in Global Mapper desktop.

Customizable Online Data Sources

In addition to the preconfigured sources, custom online data services can be added to the data services list by simply entering the URL of the server. Supported source types include WMS, WMTS, Esri RESTful, and Google Map Tiles.

Download of Streamed Data for Offline Use

The use of online data services is obviously limited to areas with internet or data access. For situations that require working beyond this access range, Global Mapper Mobile Pro offers the option of saving the streamed data for a defined area as a local file.

Addition of New Layers to the Current Map

The base version of Global Mapper Mobile supports the display of a single GMMP file at any one time with the contents of this file determined in Global Mapper desktop. The Pro version allows any local data layers to be added to the current display offering significantly more flexibility in the data management process.

Map Projection Options

Global Mapper Mobile Pro offers several map projection options including Geographic (Lat/Long), Lambert Conformal Conic, Mercator, and Transverse Mercator. For each projection option, the specific parameters, such as central meridian, can be applied to reflect the current location.

Display of Distance and Bearing to a Selected Point

An extremely useful tool for heads-up navigation, the option to display the distance and bearing to a selected point eliminates the need for continual panning back and forth from the current location to the target point. This information is continually updated while the device is moving.

GPS Averaging

The option to calculate the average GPS position based on a specified timeframe results in a higher degree of locational accuracy. The timeframe is established by manually starting and stopping the recording process and can be used for onscreen display or vector-point placement.

GeoPackage Support

The GeoPackage format was developed under the auspices of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to encourage cross-platform GIS data transfer. Global Mapper Mobile Pro supports both the import and export of GeoPackage files.

GeoPDF Import

The GeoPDF format leverages the interoperability of PDF files in the context of geospatial data. The Pro version of Global Mapper Mobile allows the direct import of GeoPDF files into the currently active map.

Global Mapper Mobile Pro is available as an in-app purchase for iOS or it can be purchased directly here for both iOS and Android. The license is based on an annual subscription from the date of purchase and can be renewed each year. Enterprise licensing options are also available. For more information, contact

Global Mapper Mobile Comparison Table

Global Mapper Mobile Global Mapper Mobile Pro
Cost Free $50
Android and iOS support
Support for hundreds of data formats*
Form-based data collection*
Utilizes device's GPS receiver for location
Simple layer display/control
Digitizing/drawing functionality
Point, line, and area creation using GPS
Attribute editing
Picture point creation from geotagged photos
Option to store data locally (GMMP files)
Streaming data support Open Street Map only OSM, Imagery and More
Stream Custom online data sources
Download of streamed data for offline use
Data transfer using third-party cloud services
(Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
Measure tool
Attribute search tool
GPS Averaging
Display of distance and bearing from current location to selected point
Option to add additional layers to current map
GeoPackage import/export
GeoPDF import
Advanced Projection Support
*Enabled through Global Mapper desktop