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Global Mapper Mobile - Download for iOS or Android Today

Global Mapper Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

What devices are supported by Global Mapper Mobile?

Global Mapper Mobile is optimized for use with iPad and iPhone devices with embedded GPS hardware, however, it is supported by any device running iOS 9.0 or later. A version of Global Mapper Mobile is now available for Android devices.

What is the cost of Global Mapper Mobile?

The first release of Global Mapper is available at no cost. Blue Marble reserves the right to charge a fee for the application and/or for the creation and transfer of data to the app for a future release.

Which version of the desktop version of Global Mapper is required to create maps for Global Mapper Mobile?

Global Mapper version 17.2 or later is required to create Global Mapper Mobile Package (GMMP) files, which contain the data that is displayed in the application.

What data formats are supported by Global Mapper Mobile?

Global Mapper Mobile supports only Global Mapper Mobile Package files. These files are generated in the desktop version of the software and as such can contain virtually any supported raster and vector formats as well as data originating from Web Map Services or from spatial databases.

Can multiple layers be saved in a single Global Mapper Mobile Package file?

Yes. As with the standard Global Mapper Package file, the mobile version can contain multiple layers of various data types, each of which will appear as a separate layer in the app and can be independently turned on or off.

How do I transfer maps to the app?

After exporting a Global Mapper Mobile Package file from the desktop version of the software, the GMMP file can be transferred to a connected iOS device using iTunes; it can be emailed to an account that is accessible on the mobile device; or it can be copied via a file sharing service such as Dropbox.

How do I transfer field-collected data from the app to the desktop version of Global Mapper?

Global Mapper Mobile includes an export function that creates a Global Mapper Mobile Package containing any field-collected data or other digitized features. This file can be transferred to the PC using the same data transfer options that are used for sending data to the device.

Does Global Mapper Mobile offer turn-by-turn navigation?

No. While the app provides heads-up navigation functionality using the continually updated display of the current GPS position, street routing and navigation are not supported.

When will an Android version be available?

Global Mapper Mobile for Android is now available.

Does Global Mapper Mobile support external GPS receivers?

Yes. If the GPS receiver is able to communicate with iOS device, Global Mapper Mobile will be able to use its positional reference for all GPS-related functions.