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Global Mapper SDK: Now available with cloud-based data management and manipulation using Amazon Web Services - Download Now

The Global Mapper Extension Program

Are you a developer interested in creating an extension for the Global Mapper desktop? The Global Mapper Extension Program is your answer.

Global Mapper's intuitive user interface and logical layout now allows customers and partners to create their own toolbars or buttons. Using the Global Mapper SDK you can program add-on functionality from your application or datasource, control licensing through the module/licensing interface under the help menu, and promote your tools to the greater Global Mapper audience, or even to a select proprietary audience. You have the ability to control licensing and access.

For more information on how to sign up, email

Blue Marble can even assist with development through our professional services team.


Check out our growing list of extensions for examples.

  • COAST - Coastal Adaptation to Sea Level Rise Tool

    Learn how to model cost/benefit analysis for adaptation strategies for sea level rise and coastal flooding from storm events like hurricanes.

  • Overview Map Window

    The overview map window extension allows users to preview data in small in-set window in the main map interface. This tool is a great way to manage active data analysis while keeping track of a localized area view.

  • The Global Mapper LiDAR Module

    The LiDAR Module is actually an extension that is available for an add-on purchase. You too could develop a compelling piece of technology that you could sell for an add-on cost. Click here for more information on the LiDAR Module.

  • DA/TEM's Summit Evolution Extension

    The new DAT/EM Capture™ for Global Mapper connects Global Mapper from Blue Marble Geographics with any edition of DAT/EM's famous Summit Evolution stereoplotter. It enables Summit Evolution to be a 3D digitizing device for Global Mapper and allows Global Mapper projects to utilize the tools of Summit Evolution. DAT/EM Capture is the interface to collect vector information directly into Global Mapper from stereo images. Capture works in the background to send 3D (x, y, z) ground coordinates to Global Mapper. Simultaneously, 2D or 3D features from Global Mapper are rendered back in true relative 3D position in the stereo display using DAT/EM SuperImposition for immediate feedback and feature verification.

    For more information visit:

  • The Aerial Filmworks Extension - GEOLook

    GEO1 uses Global Mapper on a daily basis in both the pre-acquisition and analysis phases of their "One Pass Solution" for electric and oil/gas surveys. GEO1 worked with Blue Marble to build GEOLook, a custom video extension, to view the flight path and video frame view in Global Mapper. This helicopter data collection tool is used as a real-time tool in the aircraft, and in the post-production phase. GEO1 engaged Blue Marble's professional services to assist with development of the extension.

    For more information visit: