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Geographic Tracker

Geographic Tracker


The Geographic Tracker is a Windows-based GPS application that supports streaming of live GPS position data, playback of recorded GPS log files and transfer of spatial data both to and from various GPS units. Geographic Tracker reads GPS information from a connected GPS receiver, decodes the information into component parts such as Latitude, Longitude, Time, Speed, Heading, etc., and displays the information in an intuitive and useful user interface. Users can also save or view GPS log files through Geographic Tracker's interface.

Geographic Tracker's Path Manager allows users to import coordinate data from files or download waypoints, routes, and tracks from a GPS unit. From the Path Manager, this coordinate data can be exported in a different file format or uploaded to the GPS unit.

The Geographic Tracker MBX allows MapInfo users to coordinate Geographic Tracker with MapInfo Professional. GPS data can be viewed live in MapInfo, or replayed from log files. Coordinate data can be recorded as points, polylines, or polygons in MapInfo tables. Users can also transfer data between active MapInfo tables and Geographic Tracker's Path Manager.