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New Tools and Features in Geographic Calculator

Geographic Calculator 2019 SP1 - New Features

  • Support for Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) format
  • Support for batch processing of Area Calculation jobs
  • Support for Brazilian ANP formatting of geodetic degree units
  • Recently Used Files lists added to all file load fields in jobs and viewers
    • Updated to EPSG 9.6.3
    • Update to support HTDP 3.2.7
    • Support for the new Equal Earth projection by cartographer Tom Patterson
  • Bulk Export to WKT for coordinate systems
  • New Projection Methods:

Geographic Calculator 2019 - New Features

  • Universal copy and paste functionality for streamlining the transfer of values within the software or with third party applications
  • New Angular Unit Converter tool
  • Support for NADCON 5.0
  • Updated Seismic Survey Conversions Job
    • Enhanced P1/11 format support
    • Additional SEG-Y format handling for scalar values
  • Optimized architecture for Windows 10 environment
  • Updated icons and graphics throughout the application
  • New Projection Methods:
    • Bonne South
    • Krovak North
    • Lambert Tangent West
  • NGS Horizontal Time-Dependent Positioning (HTDP) updated to version 3.2.5
  • NGS VDatum updated to version 3.7
  • EPSG version 9.5 updates:
    • Baltic Height-to-Depth transformation method
    • Caspian Height-to-Depth transformation method

Geographic Calculator 2017 - New Features

  • New Seismic QC job for quality checking of preplot and poststack seismic lines between UKOOA and SEG-Y files
    • Checks line accuracy
    • Validates line heading
    • Finds duplicate Shot records
    • Counts points and lines per seismic file
    • Report generation for points out of specification
  • Update to EPSG 9.0.1 database parameters
  • New Ordnance Survey OSTN15 geoid model for the UK
  • Many bug fixes

Geographic Calculator 2016 SP2 - New Features

  • New tool for writing Coordinate Systems and Transformations to Petrel™ CTL files
  • Beta release of the GeoCalc Geodetic Registry available to Geographic Calculator users
    • Allows multi variable search to research geodetic parameters in a web based interface
    • Allows user more control and information when updating local Geocalc datasource
  • Updated Area Calculation tool
    • Now supports multi-row selection for deletion, and path-to-next updates
    • Streamlined workflow to reduce unnecessary mouse clicks
    • More flexible load and copy/paste options
  • New Freeze Columns tool on Point Database and Seismic Conversions jobs
  • Updates to Geodetic datasource
    • Updated to EPSG v9.0 datasource, including codes for multiple epochs of WGS84 and many ITRF realizations
    • New Canadian Velocity Grid transformation method for time dependent shifts
    • Added MLLW Height as a vertical reference
    • Change log now indicates 'Deprecation' as a specific type of change
  • Added ability to specify license server by Environment Variable to support scripted rollouts
  • Many bug fixes

New in the Geographic Calculator Version 2016 Service Pack 1

  • Limited access to the new GeoCalc Geodetic Registry providing streamlined database updates throughout the year
  • Updated interface for Seismic Survey Conversions job including streamlined support for SEG-Y data and new option to allow hiding columns in the spreadsheet view
  • Support for reading coordinate systems from a Petrel™ CTL coordinate database
  • Updated interfaces for Line Intersection jobs, Area Calculation jobs, Land Survey Summary jobs, and Batch Point Database Generation dialog
  • Vector file preview on Start Page and Vector Data Conversion job
  • Support for WKT 2.0 coordinate system files
  • Synchronized with EPSG 8.9.2
  • New notation of specific software build number to simplify maintenance and updates
  • Start Page updates to better support variable screen resolutions
  • New application installer with increased compatibility with Windows 8 and 10

New in the Geographic Calculator Version 2016

  • Significant interface updates
    • Every job has been realigned to streamline and simplify workflow
    • New Start Page with a Job Guide explaining the capabilities of each job available and a quick launch button to start new jobs
    • News panel to stay engaged with Blue Marble Geographics
    • Data Loading guide that narrows down the available jobs based on the type of data loaded and raster preview tool
    • Reorganized menus for ease of use
    • Improved graphical icons throughout the application
  • The Point Database Conversion Job has been split into 5 streamlined, purpose-built interfaces for each of the individual operations previously supported, these are:
    • Point Database - Conversion
    • Point Database - Forward/Inverse
    • Point Database - Scale & Translate
    • Point Database - Best Fit
    • Point Database - Derive Datum Shift
  • Enhanced point database table display
  • Enhanced memory usage for point database loading, allows display of larger point databases on screen
  • Point Database Conversions now supports converting multiple columns AND multiple coordinate systems in one pass
  • Updated geodetic datasource to EPSG 8.8
  • Installer updates to support easier installation on a multi-user computer
  • Added ability to specify grid interpolation method for grid based transformations on an individual basis
  • Added Ellipsoidal Orthographic Projection
  • New GUFM1 Magnetic Declination model
  • New support for Position Vector Rotation or Coordinate Frame Rotation based 14 parameter time based transformations
  • Improved platform for web-based knowledge base
  • Updated Esri plugin now supports ArcGIS version 10.3.1

New in the Geographic Calculator Version 2015 Service Pack 1

  • Added new method for calculating Forward/Inverse distances above or below ellipsoid
  • HTDP Velocities are now included with output coordinates and the HTDP Transformations have been updated to HTDP v3.2.3
  • Added support for NGS GEOCON Transformations
  • Added support for EPSG History and revision dates to the geodetic datasource
  • Added "Save As" to Interactive Calculator
  • Custom polygons can now be added to the datasource for "Area of Use" Definitions
  • Added Search tool to Transformation picker dialog
  • Added ability to assign an elevation attribute to the geometry for output vector data
  • Many enhancements as well as many new geodetic definitions and methods including added support for Geoid 12B for US, Japan Geoid Model of 2011, Vertical Slope Transformation, Dutch Polynomial Transformation, Patterson Projection and more
  • Added support for Magnetic Declination models IGRF12, IGRF11, World Magentic Model 2010, World Magentic Model 2015

New in the Geographic Calculator Version 2015

  • New support for Magnetic Declination
  • Powerful new Administrative Tool enhancements
    • Specify a remote Datasource View file location
    • New Datasource View for maintaining custom foldering when upgrading Calculator installations
    • Ability to administratively lock the data path
    • Ability to administratively lock available projection and transformation types
  • New support for reading Vertical Geoid created in Global Mapper v16
  • Many new coordinate objects from EPSG version 8.6 release
  • New streamlined menu items
  • Custom vertical grid support in conjunction with Global Mapper
  • Added new projection Mercator Variant C
  • Updated Canadian Vertical Geoid of 2013
  • New preference setting to override native grid interpolation for horizontal and vertical grid based transformations
  • New Finland mathematical transformation between KKJ and EUREF-FIN grid systems
  • Added ability to filter HTDP Transformations
  • Added descriptive tooltips to column headers in the Datasource dialogs
  • Enhanced docking controls for Viewer
  • Enhanced layouts on Land Survey Summary Jobs for non-square townships
  • Support for Saskatchewan Grids systems in the Land Survey Summary job
  • Support for new data types in the OGP online registry
  • New MGRS, and BNG for 1,10, and 100 meter accuracy
  • Added options to streamline coordinate system handling when loading DXF/DWG/DGN files

New in the Geographic Calculator Version 2014 Service Pack 1

  • New job function for the Area Calculation Tool, execute directly as a full job and save in workspaces
  • New job function for the Line Intersection Tool, execute directly as a full job and save in workspaces
  • New option to load XLS data sheets into Area Calculation Jobs
  • Improved text readout on Land Survey Summary Jobs, for users needing to work with surveying data within the borders of Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Improvements to Vertical Coordinate Systems and Vertical Transformations
  • Improvements to Best Fit Point Database Calculations
  • Improvements to Manual Transformation Methods for Point Databases and Vector Jobs
  • Improved Installation Process on Windows 8.1 Machines and introduction of official support
  • Many other enhancements

New in the Geographic Calculator Version 2014

  • Support and Display of EPSG Area of Use Polygon data
    This allows for additional geographic reference information at your fingertips in the Geographic Calculator when selecting coordinate systems and transformations. The Area of Use polygons allow you to visually see on a map, where a coordinate system or transformation is intended to be used.
    • Integration in the transformation picker dialog to display these polygons while selecting transformations
    • Supports loading of EPSG polygons into viewers
    • Can also be used to filter results for transformation
  • Completely reworked Vertical Coordinate system handling
    This allows more flexible transformation options when working with high accuracy elevation based data.
    • Dynamic selection of vertical transformations
    • Model now aligns with EPSG Vertical CRS definitions
  • Enhanced PDC interface to calculate bounds of loaded data and filter coordinate systems and transformations
  • New Land Survey Summary job for generating printed layouts in Canadian survey systems (Alberta, Saskatchewan)
    This allows users of Alberta and Saskatchewan lease data to plot layouts of points and lines directly from Dominion Land Survey coordinates in the context of the borders of the individual townships and ranges.
  • Incorporated EPSG database v8.3
    • Hundreds of new projected, geodetic, and geocentric, coordinate systems
    • Many new datum shifts
    • Many new vertical coordinate systems and transformations
  • Command line support for launching and running workspaces or jobs
  • New Geodesic Line Intersection tool added to Area Calculation tool
  • Support for multiple concatenated transformations in a single process
    • Enables very complicated chains of horizontal and vertical transformations that were not previously possible to execute in one step

New in the Geographic Calculator Version 2013 Service Pack 1

  • A 64 bit version of the software is now available in addition to the standard 32 bit version
  • Vector Data Conversion jobs now support manually specified transformations with Scale, Translation, and Rotation parameters
  • ATS summary sheets can be generated and printed in the Interactive Conversion Job displaying well positions in the context of the Township and Range grid
  • Added support for Geoid 12a
  • New search tool for searching data loaded in a Point Database Conversion job
  • Added support for the new SEG P1/11 format in the Seismic Survey Conversion job
  • New preference settings allow for swapping the display order of Northing/Easting and Latitude Longitude throughout the application
  • Added support for VDatum system by NGS allowing for tidal vertical references along the US coast
  • Updated Esri toolbar with geodetic area calculation tools

New in Geographic Calculator Version 2013

  • Three previously separate modules, Geographic Calculator, Geographic Transformer, and Spatial Connect are now all included in Geographic Calculator 2013
  • Streamlined License Manager tool
  • Licensing options now include automatic online registration
  • New FME Plugin for working with Geographic Calculator conversions from within FME Workbench (additional license required)
  • Coordinate system selection now includes the option to limit your selection by a selected area via a map interface
  • Points entered into an Interactive Conversion can be opened for reference directly in Google Earth
  • Geodetic library now includes EPSG Database version 8.1
  • Support for Finland Geoid FIN2000N00
  • Enhanced search tool for geodetic definitions
  • Many bug fixes

New in Blue Marble Desktop Version 2.5

  • The data viewer now supports Geospatial PDF files. Users can save the current map as a Geospatial PDF retaining and editing the geospatial information.
  • Any vertical reference files, or other shift files which are provided for free on Blue Marble's website can now be downloaded from within the software by right clicking in the datasource dialogue box. Missing files are denoted by red text.
  • Direct Coordinate Transformations are now included along with standard Datum Shifts. This includes pre-defined concatenated operations, as well as direct conversion with an affine transformation.
  • Support has been added for Helmert Time Dependent shifts available to the Datumshift Picker.
  • A New Datum Transformation Generation Tool allows a user to generate 3 or 7 parameter datum shift parameters from known control points referenced in different datums.
  • The Geographic Calculator now supports read/write of LAS 1.4 files for LiDAR data.
  • Support for saving out a datum transformation as a GTF file by right clicking in the Coordinate Transform window and selecting Export to GTF.
  • Support for the latest version of the OGP online registry (Indicio version 2.2.1).
  • Full support for EPSG version 8.0 database

New in Geographic Calculator Version 7.8

  • Support for converting multiple columns of coordinate data at one time in the Point Database Conversion job.
  • Point database table data can now be viewed from the job by right clicking and loading the file in the viewer.

New in Geographic Transformer Version 6.4

  • Support for Big GeoTiff files greater than 2 gigabytes
  • Output from Raster Transform and Raster Mosaic jobs can now be pipelined into other raster jobs, loading the data automatically