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Resources for the GeoCalc SDK

GeoCalc Brochure

Download and view a copy of our GeoCalc Brochure.

How GeoCalc is Licensed

Blue Marble offers flexible licensing options for customers developing internal or commercial applications. Once an organization decides to purchase a Blue Marble SDK they will automatically become enrolled in our OEM partner network. As part of our OEM partner network you will be permitted to access exclusive marketing options and commercial branding programs in order to generate increased sales of your software products. Enjoy the powerful branding potential that Blue Marble has to offer by embedding our technology into all of your software applications.

We license our development tools on a per developer basis. At the initial point of development kit purchase, we ask each organization to submit one (1) authorized technical contact for each development kit that is acquired. The first year of developer support (ASUS) is included with the purchase of a developer license. In the event the development kit is enrolled in our Annual Support and Update Subscription program, only the listed technical contact may submit and receive support from a Blue Marble support technician. Additional development kits and support enrollments may be acquired separately.

Knowledge Base

GeoCalc C++ Knowlege Base


Blue Marble Technical Support


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