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New Features in the GeoCalc SDK

New Features for Version 7.5

  • Enhanced WKT, PRJ, and GeoTIFF coordinate system matching
  • Bulk import and export of WKT2 CRS and CT definitions
  • A new Equal Earth Projection
  • New vertical systems including Norway Vertical Normal System and the xGeoid16B and xGeoid17A&B experimental geoid models from the NGS
  • Enhanced support for CTL import and export
  • New string formatting methods, including ANP support for geodetic point data
  • Support for the new Low Water Datum and for the NOAA VDATUM version 3.7
  • Optimized search and display in the GeoCalc dialog boxes
  • Support for version 9.6.3 of the EPSG database

New Features for Version 7.4

  • New projections Bonne South, Krovak North, Lambert Tangent West
  • New JSON wrapper classes for serializing GeoCalc object types for accessing forthcoming GeoCalc Cloud WebService
  • Updated HTDP to v3.2.5
  • New support for NADCON 5.0
  • VDatumTidal class to support v3.7
  • Enhancements to the AreaOfUse class for better analysis and organization
  • EPSG updates for version 9.2

New Features for Version 7.3

  • New interface for reading and writing Petrel CTL files
  • Real-time datasource updates using the new GeoCalc Online Registry
  • Read and write support for Well Known Text version 2
  • New time based coordinate transformation for Canadian Velocity grid files
  • Extension to the change log interface to include deprecation dates and parent/base codes
  • Updated HTDP models for the latest WGS84 and NAD83 realizations
  • New vertical models for MLLW, NTv2 3D grids, OSTN15 grids, and RNAPTRANS
  • New conversion preview dialog for transforms and projections
  • Updated to the latest EPSG version 9.0.1 database definitions

New Features for Version 7.2

  • Support for Well Known Text 2 coordinate system and transform syntax update from the OGC
  • Dialog updates: New search functionality, full control of the recently used list, and a preview button for testing coordinate operations
  • New magnetic model: GUFM1 1590- 2015
  • New Projections: Colombia Urban grid, and Natural Earth 2 World Wide Projection
  • Updated to the latest EPSG version 8.9 database definitions
  • 14 parameter time based transformations now support PVR and CFR methods

New Features for Version 7.1

  • Support for custom vertical transformation grid format.
  • New Magnetic declination calculations with support for World Magnetic Model 2015 and 2010.
  • New DataSource search class.
  • DataSource User interface additions:
    • Multiselect missing files and download all
    • Browse button for file based path parameters
    • Helpfile integration capabilities
    • New aliasing and filtering capabilities for parameter and method names
    • Display optimization of "Area of Uses" for Transform picker

  • New ability to select different methods of interpolation when calculating points from Geoid model grids (Horizontal and Vertical grid transforms).
  • Windows XP compatibility for Visual Studio 2012.
  • HTDP implementation updated to v3.2.3.
  • Added a precision parameter to the string based coordinate reference systems BritishNG, MGRS, and USNG.
  • New Projection and Coordinate system support: Patterson, Mercator variant C, Polar MGRS zones, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Land Survey systems.
  • New Vertical Coordinate systems and transformations: IGLD 1985 models, CGVD 2013 (Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum), NAP (Normaal Amsterdams Peil).
  • Added a parametric transformation method for Finland (Finish KKJ to ETRS89).

New Features for Version 7.0

  • Support and Display of EPSG Area of Use Polygon data

    Area of Use polygons allow developers to create a method for guiding users with the most appropriate coordinate system or transformation for an area based geopolitical bounding polygons that follow the borders of countries and similar areas around the world. These objects can be viewed in the QT dialogues for selecting coordinate system.

    • Integration in the transformation picker dialog to display these polygons while selecting transformations
    • Supports loading of EPSG polygons into viewers
    • Can also be used to filter results for transformation

  • Completely reworked Vertical Coordinate system handling

    This allows more flexible transformation options when working with high accuracy elevation based data.

    • Dynamic selection of vertical transformations
    • Model now aligns with EPSG Vertical CRS definitions

  • Enhanced PDC interface to calculate bounds of loaded data and filter coordinate systems and transformations
  • New Land Survey support for generating functions for printing and visualization of data in Canadian survey systems (Alberta, Saskatchewan)

    This allows developers to create an interface for users of Alberta and Saskatchewan land grids to plot layouts of points and lines directly from Dominion Land Survey coordinates in the context of the borders of the individual townships and ranges.

  • Incorporated EPSG database v8.3
    • Hundreds of new projected, geodetic, and geocentric, coordinate systems
    • Many new datum shifts
    • Many new vertical coordinate systems and transformations

  • Support for multiple concatenated transformations in a single process

    Enables very complicated chains of horizontal and vertical transformations that were not previously possible to execute in one step.

  • New String coordinate system class
  • Coordinate reference Database updates:
    • New version 7.0 formatting for updated ISO19111 model
    • Synchronized to the 8.3 version of the EPSG database
    • Added Vertical models for Canadian CCG2013, Belgium BG2003, and Finland N60
    • Updated US NGS's VDATUM tidal datum model
    • Many new horizontal coordinate system and coordinate transformation methods

New Features for Version 6.7

  • New Helmert 4 Parameter and 3DConformal Math transform types to help with CAD based local coordinate systems
  • Optimized ATS grid format support
  • Support for NOAA/NGS VDATUM tidal models
  • Updated GML model for new EPSG coordinate transformations
  • Added GTF string read and write capabilities to the datasource object
  • New Vertical Datum references: EGM 2008, Geoid 2012a, Finnish 2000/N60 Height Models
  • Speed and memory enhancements for all coordinate transformations
  • Full match to latest EPSG 8.2 definitions

New Features for Version 6.6

  • Fully Managed .NET Platform Now Available!!!!
  • GIGS Gold compliant based on OGP guidelines
  • Support for INdicio 2.2.1 for direction connection to the online version of the EPSG database
  • Automated Horizontal and Vertical Shift File Download
  • Datum Shift generation tool
  • Direct CoordTransforms
  • Time Dependent Helmert Transformation
  • New Projections: Lambert Near-Conformal Conic, Equidistant Cylindrical Ellipsoidal version, Goode-Homolosine interrupted projection, Tunisia Mining Grid, Oblique Mercator County CRS
  • New Vertical: New Zealand Vertical Datum 2009
  • Mechanism for 2.5d transformations
  • Added methods on the datasource to allow for 2.5d transformations
  • Vertical Reference updates
  • HTDP updates
  • Affine Direct Transform
  • Wchar_t reliance updates
  • Full match to latest EPSG 7.12 definitions