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GIS Software Solutions for Surveyors


Surveying is an art and a science that requires precise measurement of the Earth's surface using distances, heights, angles, areas and volumes. All of these values must be calculated accurately with respect to one's position on the Earth and awareness of relative map projections and coordinate reference systems (CRS). Blue Marble software helps the surveyor quickly determine how these measurements change depending on the CRS you need to use.

Precise Coordinate Calculation

There's no need to compromise the quality of your spatial data when converting or transforming between reference systems. Blue Marble has engineered the foremost geographic calculation tool in the industry to ensure that the accuracy of your critical data is preserved. When important decisions are made because of this data, you can be confident that the Geographic Calculator will deliver.

Data Visualization

While the primary concern of the surveyor is quantifiable precision of the data, the inherent visual characteristics are also important, especially when they are overlaid on other pertinent layers. A straightforward GIS application can provide a valuable tool for the surveyor, allowing surveyed points to be considered in relation to other vector, raster, and elevation layers.


Geographic Calculator

When your job depends on getting boundary information right, Geographic Calculator is the most powerful coordinate transformation tool available. The comprehensive, all-in-one geospatial data conversion suite offers a geodetic tool box for highly accurate conversion for all of your GIS and survey data including Vector, CAD, Raster, LiDAR, DEMs, Spatial databases and more.

Geographic Calculator
Geographic Calculator

Globe icon Geographic Calculator

Global Mapper

Global Mapper is the best choice for survey professionals who are interested in a workable GIS tool. Offering just the right level of GIS data processing functionality and providing access to preexisting data in virtually every common CAD or GIS format, Global Mapper is an affordable, easy-to-learn, and powerful addition to the surveyor's toolkit.

Global Mapper - Building site
Global Mapper - Building site

Globe icon Global Mapper - Building site