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Collage of surveyor, capitol building, oil derricks, azimuth compass protractor, and elevation map

GIS Software Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry


Geospatial data is crucial to the oil and gas industry. Everything from locating the right spot to drill a well to laying out pipeline routes requires accurate data for informed decisions. Blue Marble Geographics provides powerful, highly accurate conversion solutions for all of your GIS and survey data including vector, CAD, raster, LiDAR, DEMs, spatial databases and more.

Quick Return on Investment

Making decisions based on inaccurate data can be a costly mistake. Blue Marble's spatial data processing solutions ensure that your project will be done right the first time, eliminating wasted resources and redundant man-hours. The cost saving that comes from improved workflow efficiency more than covers the initial investment in the right tools for the job.

Proven Reliability

For many years, Blue Marble has been developing spatial software solutions for the oil and gas industry and the company is recognized by energy companies across the world as the foremost provider of geographic calculation and transformation tools. As the search for tomorrow's energy sources extends into more remote locations, oil and gas companies understand the importance of precise mapping and spatial data management. Challenges such as these have been instrumental in the development of Blue Marble's suite of products and we will continue to work closely with energy companies as these products evolve.


Geographic Calculator

Manage your mapping data easily, accurately and quickly with the tool that more companies depend on to make certain they have the correct data.

Geographic Calculator
Geographic Calculator

Globe icon Geographic Calculator

For almost two decades, Geographic Calculator has become the standard tool for coordinate conversion worldwide. You should have this product in your toolbox!

Global Mapper

The energy specific GIS tools that were previously available in Global Energy Mapper such as Energy Specific Symbols, Site Pad Placement Tool, Volumetric Calculations, and more are now available in Global Mapper.

Global Mapper - Oil and gas infrastructure
Global Mapper - Oil and gas infrastructure

Globe icon Global Mapper - Oil and gas infrastructure

With support for over 250 vector, raster, and elevation data formats and including an array of terrain analysis and 3D rendering tools, Global Mapper is a must for any GIS technician in the energy field.