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GIS Software Solutions for the Mining Industry


Mining for resources beneath the Earth's surface requires accurate positioning above ground as well as below the ground. Blue Marble's suite of spatial data management products has become a must-have for mining operations of every size. As data is shared among commercial partners and government agencies, the need for compatibility is foremost. Blue Marble's renowned geographic data conversion and transformation tools ensures that, regardless of the original reference framework, data from multiple sources can be integrated and overlaid with a high degree of precision.

Local Grid Conversion

Over the years, many mining companies have developed local custom grids based on an arbitrary point of origin and that have no recognized spatial reference. Blue Marble software can quickly and easily spatially reference this legacy data and allow mining companies to overlay data that was created decades ago and compare and contrast it with recently acquired, georeferenced datasets.

Subsurface Volume Calculation

More than any other industry, mining operations utilize the depth value when referencing position. Global Mapper is ideally suited for such applications as it provides an array of terrain or elevation analysis functions. When two terrain surfaces are present, the software offers a calculation function to determine the volume of material between the surfaces or between a subsurface layer and the ground level.


Geographic Calculator

It is essential to have accurate coordinate information or location intelligence when sending people and resources into the earth. Geographic Calculator is the most powerful coordinate transformation tool available. The comprehensive, all-in-one geospatial data conversion suite offers a geodetic tool box for highly accurate conversion for all of your GIS and survey data including Vector, CAD, Raster, LiDAR, DEMs, Spatial databases and more.

Geographic Calculator
Geographic Calculator

Globe icon Geographic Calculator

Global Mapper

Blue Marble's all-in-one GIS and spatial data visualization solution is ideally suited for mining operations. Incorporating just the right level of GIS functionality for novice GIS users yet providing a powerful array of data processing tools, Global Mapper is a must-have for project managers, engineers, and planners.

Global Mapper
Global Mapper

Globe icon Global Mapper