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Collage of surveyor, capitol building, oil derricks, azimuth compass protractor, and elevation map

Industry GIS Solutions

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Oil and Gas

Geospatial data is crucial to the Oil and Gas Industry. Everything from locating the right spot to drill a well to laying out pipeline routes requires accurate data for informed decisions. Blue Marble Geographics provides powerful, highly accurate conversion for all of your GIS and survey data including Vector, CAD, Raster, LiDAR, DEMs, Spatial databases and more.


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Surveying is an art and a science that requires precise measurement of the Earth's surface using distances, heights, angles, areas and volumes. All of these values must be calculated accurately with respect to one's position on the Earth and awareness of relative map projections and coordinate reference systems (CRS). Blue Marble software helps the surveyor quickly determine how these measurements change depending on the CRS you need to use.


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Mining for resources beneath the Earth's surface requires accurate positioning above ground as well as underground. Over the years, mining companies have derived custom grids that generate from a custom point of origin and have no spatial reference. Blue Marble software can quickly and easily spatially reference this legacy data and allow mining companies to overlay data that was created decades ago and compare and contrast it with recently acquired, georeferenced datasets.


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More and more colleges and universities now offer degrees in GIS or Geographic Information Systems. As the study of GIS involves a full understanding of geomatics and cartography, the Blue Marble Desktop software has been adopted by many well-known institutions of higher learning as a way to teach proven solutions to common geodetic problems that occur when working with various forms of geospatial data types.


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Over the last 10 years, GIS has found its way into all aspects of municipal decision making, large and small. From online tax maps, to 911 emergency response, accurate mapping and the use of geospatial data has become commonplace. The introduction of GIS in the municipal space has spurred the creation of GIS/Planning Departments that use geospatial data generated from many different GIS software. The Blue Marble Desktop will support many different GIS data types (raster and vector) and can efficiently serve as the all-in-one solution in terms of data conversion.