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GIS Software Solutions for Government


Over the last 10 years, GIS has found its way into all aspects of government decision making, from small municipalities to national or multinational agencies. Blue Marble software products are being employed at every level to streamline the flow of data and to provide the appropriate level of GIS functionality for day-to-day operations. The development of Blue Marble products has been significantly shaped and influenced by the specific requirements of government departments. For instance, Global Mapper evolved from a product that was originally designed for the US Geological Survey to view early digital versions of their topographic map data. The company's products continue to serve the needs of the public sector and to ensure the efficiency of government workflow.

Federal & Local Government

From online tax maps, to 911 emergency response, accurate mapping and the use of geospatial data has become commonplace. The introduction of GIS in the municipal space has spurred the creation of GIS and planning departments that use geospatial data generated from many different GIS software packages. Blue Marble Software tools will support many different GIS data types (raster and vector) and can efficiently serve as the all-in-one solution for data creation, visualization, or conversion.

Natural Resource Management

GIS plays a critical role in the management of the natural world. With many indicators suggesting that the environment is being severely impacted by human activity, the need for accurate and accessible data spatial data is of the utmost importance in the decision-making process. Blue Marble software has proven to be an important part of the GIS infrastructure of natural resource management departments and agencies.


Geographic Calculator

Government data managers often have to contend with data from multiple sources, each with its own coordinate reference system. Geographic Calculator addresses this challenge by providing an efficient and accurate conversion engine to ensure that all data is precisely aligned and in a format that is compatible with all common GIS and CAD applications.

Geographic Calculator
Geographic Calculator

Globe icon Geographic Calculator

Global Mapper

There is no better choice for a municipality interested in a sustainable GIS solution than Global Mapper. It offers just the right level of spatial data functionality at a cost that will easily fit within the constraints of dwindling local government budgets. Any municipal employee with no more than a rudimentary knowledge of GIS can develop and manage a fully functional GIS to streamline the management of municipal assets. From parcels to water supply to open space management, Global Mapper is the perfect tool to get the job done.

Global Mapper - Parcels
Global Mapper - Parcels

Globe icon Global Mapper - Parcels
Global Mapper - Drains
Global Mapper - Drains

Globe icon Global Mapper - Drains